1. Answer to the call of the wild
  2. Hope, love and belief
  3. Physical exertion and spiritual uplifting
  4. Joy of the sun and rain
  5. Social event
  6. Stress for the kidneys and vocal cords
  7. Burst of anything
  8. Medicine against pessimism
  9. Return to the depths of student's soul
10. Sleeping bag, hiking boots and guitar
11. Drained purse
12. Source of friends
13. Beautifully served toil
14. STEZKA cannot be described in words,
     you must experience it!
  1. Odpověď na volání dálek
  2. Naděje, láska a víra
  3. Marast těla a povznesení ducha
  4. Radost ze slunce i deště
  5. Společenská událost
  6. Nápor na ledviny a hlasivky
  7. Výron čehokoliv
  8. Lék proti pesimismu
  9. Návrat do hlubin študákovy duše
10. Spacák, pohorky a kytara
11. Splasklá portmonka
12. Zdroj kamarádů
13. Krásně servírovaná dřina
14. STEZKA se nedá popsat, ta se musí
Be aware of your youth, as long as it lasts!
Don't waste your best days, don't listen to the boring or sacrifice your life to the dull, ordinary.
These are weak objectives, false ideals of our age.
Live wonderful life that is inside you.
Don't be afraid of anything! Your youth will last only for a short time.
Joy throbbing in you at the age of twenty will get lazy.
There is nothing more beautiful in the world than youth.
O. Wilde

  It is the beginning of the 60's, students start their studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Prague Technical Institute. The Cold War is thawing. Here we can find the roots of what was called later the "Détente".
  In these events are caught the non-resident boys in the Hlávkova and Podolská Student Hostel. From one day to the next in the big city, alone for everything, from filling one's stomach to ten exams of the first year. They soak up the atmosphere of the theatre "Semafor", of the beerhouse "U Fleků", they dance, play football and marriage. Next year they find old and new friends in the pub "Na Sibiři". Life is not only struggle, but also search for and creation of joy.
  In autumn 1962 things get moving, when the Czech-Polish Convention on Small-Scale Border Contacts is concluded and a few friends leave for the unknown to the jubilee "X. Ogólnopolski rajd studentski". Beautiful atmosphere, unknown until that time, drives boys into action also at home, but the initiative of their final years ends with their diploma. In autumn 1963 there is another rally, the third rally in which our students participate. A few groups are formed, going together to the mountains. Under the auspices of ČSM (the Czechoslovak Union of Youth) they reach a good position at the Faculty and are invited to the Dean's College, Tonda Rosický as a representative of the class, Vašek Kobylka as deputy chairman of the Faculty Committee, and establish close contracts with the Student Hostel Council in Podolí. The post-rally initiative is taken over by Honza Novák. Also other people come to the meetings at the Podolí Student Hostel, to see their acquaintances from the rallies. We agree upon the principles of the activities and formal organization of the club. We accept the name "Tourist Academic Club" (TAK) (according to the Polish "Akademicki klub turystyczny" - AKT). In 1964 the Faculty Committee of the Czechoslovak Union of Youth approves the articles of association of TAK. The first event is organized in spring 1964 in the Krkonoše Mountains and here Jeník first pronounces the word "STEZKA" (path). At that time we have also some money to deposit on our own account. The first four Routes begin their activities.

  The first period of TAK activities is considerably influenced by the Polish example. We maintain very close friendly relations with the students of the Wroclaw Polytechnic. We draw on the advice and experience of Francek Kawcyňski, Marek Wilczyňski and the legendary girl Jagoda.
  The organization of the first Paths does not cause any problems, since few people take part in the event. Accommodation is arranged personally, correspondence and agreements are on the blank forms of the Faculty Committee, it is not necessary to order train. Most often we use the night train "Flamendr expres", the legendary train leaving around midnight from the now non-existing railway station Praha -Těšnov.
  Badges are a problem. Owing to the small series, the production of badges at Znak is expensive and thus we use the faculty workshops - three half-days of work and enthusiasm of each of us.
The weather for the first Path is not good, but the Path reaches the highest density of mechanical engineers per one square meter - 116 persons and knapsacks in the Krkonoše Mountains.
The fame of the first Path spreads quickly and brings its fruit. A loan of the Student Hostel Council changes into a subsidy, there is a display case with TAK's advertising material in the Charles Square, the Student Hostel Council lends us a basement room for a clubroom and the first Prague people not residing in the student hostel are coming to the meetings. From Route No. 1 there separates Route No. 5, from Route No. 4 Route No.6.
  The first DEZOB in 1968 is called "Disorienteering Run through Night Prague", later we accept its translation as "Disorienteering Run to the Lesser Town". February 24, 1970 sees the approval of the application for transfer to ČTO (Czech Union of Tourists), so that our name is TJ TAK. There follows the first cooperation with NOHYB (established in 1969) and the title "Model Group". In 1972 we organize the first ball at Žofín in Prague. There arises the basis of PANTAKOVKY and the first event of that name takes place in Soběslav in 1973. With our first babies there comes the first pram rally, also in 1973. The first "BORDER RAID OF THE HUSSITE ARMY" takes place in 1976 in the Krkonoše Mountains and Jizerské Mountains. There follow two Routes of cross-country skiers against each other and also the first ROUTE BANDS Competition, each year with a guest (Míle, Chudinkové W. Ryvola). In winter 1977 we organize the first NORA (den) (winter weekend with accommodation in the open, on the snow). Our children are growing and since 1978 there exist "Bystřičky" (Smarties) (summer camp for children and their parents), since 1980 "Ďáblík" (Little Devil) (summer camp), children's trips and other TOM activities (Youth Tourist Group within TJ TAK, established in 1978).
  In 1979 Tomáš Häckl becomes chairman of TAK and we organize the first Route Bands Competition. In 1980 we organize the first FOREST GAMES. The competitions change each year, but "Dr. Voštěp", "Prometheus' Regatta" (impressive night race with burning torches) and the "Night Hunt" become classics. Since 1987 we organize "WELCOMING SUMMER" in the Prague park Vojanovy sady every year. It is a meeting of Route Bands and goodies, mostly also of good weather.

The beautiful event we are talking about is called STEZKA - for many years, when I pronounce this word, I get pleasantly excited - it is the excitement experienced only by young men before their first date.
Ing. J. Kozák

Route No. 14, although it officially comes into existence before the Šumava Path in 1971, is in fact three years older. From Route No. 8, which arose probably in autumn 1965, a new Route separated before Route No. 9 (1968) - Route No. 13 (T13). Conflicts within the Route caused departure of most members including its chief and there arose Route No. 14, which lasts until today. The core of Route No. 14 (T14) consists of former students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and also of the Medical Faculty. Let us name some famous members of outstanding merit: Elsnicová, Bárta, Pilsen member of SPAS (Society of Friends of A. Sedláček) - Chapadlo (Urban), Tarasuk, Melichar, Slavík Pracant and Icha, master of the guitar Karel Provázek, Jan Libiger who takes care of the souls of the Route members, etc. In the subsequent years there come many civil engineers and architects. Today's core of the Route consists of a few active people of Prague and people that settled down in Prague after their studies. But also big groups of "country people" (from eastern Bohemia, Pilsen, a few from České Budějovice, Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, Pardubice, Kolín) take part in life of the Routes. Our membership is increased by husbands and wives. The people organizing life of the Routes belong to the second (Jirka Kostrba, Zdeněk Větrovec, the musicians Michl [thanks to him the Route Band wins in 1983], Vrba, Papež) and third generation (Vláďa Roith, Zuzana Vlachová, Jana Vorlová). But we must not forget the eyewitness and "ideologist" of the Routes Jan K. Vávra.
Departures from Prague, life partners and change of life values have reduced the number of the Routes members, but those who remain begin to require more of STEZKA's life and do more for it. The group of people of the Route becomes firmer. Other events, whose number increases, make people get to know each other much more intimately. The Route ceases to be only a purpose-oriented gathering of people for walks in the nature. It becomes a stable party, with certain exaggeration the "second home" for the main body of its members. From sixty to one hundred good friends meet on the Routes.
In addition to All-Route events, we organize regular Small Paths, Summer Mountains, Opening of Wells and Pubs, trips to the Baltic Sea, Big and Small Summer Wandering, water sports, Winter Dens for strong individuals, and common New Year's Eve Parties. We have a tradition of wandering to the Sedlčany region.
Within Route No. 14 (T14) there arises SPA (The Society of Friends of Anal Security). It organizes weekend wandering and cross-country skiing, we monopolize the cottages of our fellow members and participate together, more or less, in cultural life in Prague. In 1982 we win the Route Bands Competition. In May 1979 there arises TURAS, whose heart is Jirka Kučera, there begins travelling companionship and new friends come from other groups (Nikotin...). We meet at regular parties in the pub "Na Bělce", which has become a legend. Then the places of our parties change, and the most-frequented party places become the Žižkov pubs.
After 1989 everybody enjoys new freedom and sets out to the world. Small or bigger groups of Route members travel privately or with friends from other Routes, discover the beauties of France, England, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Mediterranean islands, the Carpathian Ukraine, Albania. A few lucky people set out over the ocean to America.
In 1996 Route No. 14 continues the tradition of TAK and its Small Autumn Path and sets out to Poland.
Stezka? It cannot be described in words, you must experience it!
Translate J. Švábová

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